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Workers in retail and hospitality and passengers in taxis are to be required to wear face-coverings, prime minister Boris Johnson has told the House of Commons.

The new rule will come into effect for people riding in cabs and private-hire vehicles from Thursday.

And face coverings will be obligatory for shop assistants and workers in pubs, restaurants and cafes from Monday.

Also affected will be customers in pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues, who will be required to wear face coverings while moving around on the premises, but not while they are seated at tables.

The penalty for failing to cover your face will be doubled to £200, said Mr Johnson.

The changes formed part of a package of tightened restrictions announced by the prime minister in response to an upsurge in Covid infections across the country, also including a 10pm curfew for pubs and restaurants – including takeaways – new guidance urging office workers to work from home if possible, a limit of 15 on attendance at weddings and receptions and a ban on indoor sports which involve more than six people gathering, such as five-a-side football.

The new rules affect England, but the prime minister said he expected Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to take similar steps.

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